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Looking for roommate (MDCM class of 2023)

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Hi y'all !

First of all, congratulations to the ones who got in ! Can't wait to meet you guys on the 20th. I don't know if I'm at the right place for this, but I looked on facebook and there doesn't seem to be a group for our cohort so I'll take a chance and post here. I imagine I'm not the only one who's considering moving somewhere reasonably near McGill during the summer and as the saying goes « un c'est bien mais deux c'est mieux ». So you guessed it, I'm looking for a roommate (Preferably Med-1) ! I'm not quite sure as to where exactly I'd like to move since I'm not that familiar with the surroundings of McGill (Maybe you can give me some insights in the comments even if you're not looking for a roommate as I am pretty much clueless ! Any tips/past experiences are appreciated :)). I'm a simple guy looking to move in with a future classmate. I speak both english and french and have an easygoing personality. If you're interested just HMU or respond to this post :) (the sooner the better, apartments are renting out quick !).



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