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7 hours ago, fammed2017 said:

Does anybody know how they mark the SOOs? 

I felt pretty OK for 4/5 soos this year, but one was very very difficult. I didnt get to finish FIFEing the second issue, and felt a lot of negative vibes from my interviewer. 

Kinda worried i failed. 


Hey I think you are allowed to fail 1 SOO out of 5. They don't really reveal how they deem a candidate pass or fail a SOO station. From the staff physicians who were examiners that I talked to, you are allowed to be non-certificant for 1-2 sections in one station, but more than >2 non-certificant, you fail the SOO station (THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL ANSWER).

They curve the SOO as well,  so regardless of how you did, they compare your performance to all the CMGs taking the exam for the first time, and fail 10% of CMG; the IMG/practice-eligible pass as per CMG's standard.

The exam is done, don't think about it too much :)

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