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Waitlist Tier Email Wording?

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37 minutes ago, betterlattethannever said:

Hi all,

Congrats to all those accepted today.. I know in the past you were able to discern whether you were "high" or "good" waitlist based on the wording of your email, but I was wondering if that's changed this year since the whole process was revamped?

My email just says that I'm on the waitlist..


Same with me, I’m hoping they changed it or else it means we’re on the medium waitlist.

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My email wording was "In recent years, applicants in your position on the Wait List have received an offer of admission" 

I think if it doesn't indicate either way you're on the 'middle' waitlist - but I've heard Western has a lot of movement! 

 Hope they don't keep us waiting too long. good luck everyone!

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