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I just got my MCAT back. I got a 124/132/128/128. My physics/chemistry score is low; is it still worth it to apply to Queens and Western who have MCAT cutoffs? I am wondering if my chances to get into McMaster are high with my 132 on CARS. How much emphasis do they actually put on CARS score?

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Mac 100% yes apply, western nah you don’t make their cut off and it has not been super low for that section. To have it drop two points next year just won’t happen (even SWOMEN stream is already low at 125) I have been surprised by queens but you’re definitely on the lower end for sure for that section. Can always apply as a hail Mary if you have the cash to spend. Grats in the other sections though.

mac puts a third of your application score in CARS, so you having perfect is almost a guarantee for interview as very few applicants have that score. Just do moderately well in CASPer and have a decent GPA and you’re set.

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