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Are the requirements different for MD/PHD programs?

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I have never looked into but I had thought each program looks at you separately and will interview on the competitive merits of your application separately one from the other. The med school as OMS may well be impressed with your publications and research which could positively affect the outcome! Nothing ventured, nothing gained. :P

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Generally the cut-offs are the same, (ie you need to have a GPA >3.4 or whatever the school has) but in terms of what actual stats are needed to get accepted, there are differences, and anecdotally the necessary GPA/MCAT is (slightly) lower, although you will need strengths in the research part of your application.

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Do you already have your PhD? That can give you a bit of a leg-up for admissions if you have already convocated (that said, policies vary widely). If you're currently working on your PhD, most policies wont help you at all. 

How low is your undergrad GPA, broken down year by year? Unless you give specifics about your situation you won't get very good advice. Also look into policies at the schools you're applying for, whether you count as IP, etc. 

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