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If physics is a prerequisite then you probably would have to get a higher grade than a C in it unfortunately. If they don’t count the summer GPA, then they won’t even look at the withdrawal. But if they count physics, they will look at the C. 

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I think it's best to give the faculty of admissions a call, don't worry they won't trace your call or anything weird like that hahaha. 

I'm not sure if anything has changed so please double check incase I'm off,  but so long as you have a passing grade in the class (not sure if school of dentistry has a different definition of pass for applicants), the pre-req will be considered completed and since its a spring course it should not count to overall GPA calculation. BUT, you should also be looking at what other Canadian schools do for gpa calculations incase it's that mandatory to consider all pre-reqs or they have issues with a W. It's also wise to check if there is a max number of spring summer course you can take before they start counting them, some schools will count it if you have 3-4 spring/summer classes combined. I think I know someone who got a C+ in a spring class but did not effect his GPA, I'll double check with him though and let your know. 

For the admissions process, they calculate your GPA and that's that. there is no part of the process for now where they judge your trend in grades unless red flags that they find concerning.

I don't believe that they care if you have a W on your transcript, most schools don't unless its many. But at the same time if you can finish the class to the standards you need, and not have it be a future burden, try to tough it out. 

Also, since you're a 3.93 student what the heck going on in PHYS? Come on you can do it!... btw, is this PHYS 124 or 126?

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