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Chances as an MSc applicant

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Hi! My cGPA is 3.94 (OMSAS: 3.92) and an MCAT of 510 (2nd attempt, 127 CARS). I think my ECs are good, with a lot of research, volunteering, exec club positions, hospital observerships, tutoring, non-profit, etc.

I was wondering what my chances are for Western in terms of an interview and acceptance since the matriculant MCAT seems to be a lot higher than my own

Thank you in advance!

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2 hours ago, naptime98 said:

MCAT seems to be a cutoff. Last year, approximately 1000 people made it passed academic cutoffs. 450 of those were invited for interview putting your odds at about 45% and somewhere between 55-60% of those interviewed were accepted post interview. As long as your C/P and B/B are 127 or higher those are your odds.

Where do you find the number of people that made it past the GPA/MCAT cutoffs? I recall reading that number somewhere as well but I can't remember where

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