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Yes, you can apply after completing a masters degree. There's no quota because there's no separate admissions category for people with master's degrees. Your cGPA will be calculated based only on your basis of admissions degree, which is your undergraduate degree. Your master's degree won't be factored into your cGPA, and as a result it doesn't matter very much. That said, 7% of the pre-interview ranking is based on "academic context," so having a master's degree will be beneficial there, but they don't publicly say how much.

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5 hours ago, cinnamxn said:

Does a masters start becoming beneficial to the academic context once it's completed or once it's started and in progress?

Good question! Most of the people I know, they have finished their master’s, but I think they should give the same score to both subgroups! You can also check with the admins? 

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