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Surgery to FM Transfer

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Hi All, 

I'm currently in a surgical program as an R1 and have come to the realization that this isn't the right fit for me for a variety of reasons. I moved out of province for this and I'm interested in transferring to FM in my home province. Does anyone have similar previous experiences? If so, how did that process work. I'd appreciate your thoughts!

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Interprovincical transfers are difficult, and generally more rare than switching programs within the same university and intra-provincal transfers (Alberta and Ontario, don't know about Quebec). That being said, it can't hurt to apply through your PGME, and it certainly will be easier going surgery -> FM than it would the other way around. Alternatively consider switching internally to FM. You would still be away from your home province, but done in only two years, and a lot more likely than switching provinces (unless you have a pre-existing connection with the FM program in your home province).

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