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In which province would you prefer to practice medicine?

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1) Ontario

2) Quebec

3) Nova Scotia

4) New Brunswick

5) Manitoba

6) British Columbia

7) Prince Edward Island

8) Saskatchewan

9) Alberta

10) Newfoundland and Labrador


Which one of these provinces would you prefer to practice over the others?

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I'd prefer to get the hell out of Canada and go to Southern United States, but that's just me (and I've lived in the States for quite a few years).


However, if that turned out not to be an option, I would prefer to stay in Alberta. I moved here after doing lots of research - I am an immigrant, so it was up to me where to establish my residency - and the tax and employment situation as well as less important things (e.g. the outdoors) were preferable to me over the other provinces.


However, I would like to visit the Maritimes and see what life there is like, too - from the geographical aspects only, I could imagine myself liking the area.

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OK :) Then let's say you got accepted from hospitals of every provinces. Where would you choose?


hahaha, well i would accept an offer in qc probably, becasue it would be so much ceaper... (3K compared to 15K)... I would looooove to go to mcgill :D

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I'm from Ontario originally and you couldn't drag me back with D8 Cat. Toronto, the big cesspool. Blecchh!!!! Maybe rural northern Ontario (I grew up in Fort Frances) but I can't handle 40 below winters anymore.



I no longer sing:


Gee ma I wanna go,

Back to Ontario,

Gee ma I wanna go home.

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I used to think so too...until I moved out of Toronto, now I can't stand it.

I live in Toronto and I can't stand it anymore. I just wanna get out of this place. I wouldn't want to practice in Ottawa either. That city is so dull and depressing. Sorry, Ottawa citizens, though I must admit that you have a great hockey team.

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