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Worth it to transfer?

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I don't believe there is really an in province advantage in Ontario. There are specific schools with regional advantages


1) NOSM - rural, but not specifically Ontario rural.

2) Ottawa- has various pools with advantages around Ottawa, but the details are a little vage as to exactly what they are.

3) Western - SWOMEN area


However 1) and 3) are kind of fixed, and moving to Ontario to do school here can't really get you into either pool. SWOMEN is fixed at high school for instance. I am not sure about Ottawa (I believe it is some two year residency thing) but they specify not OP quotas etc so you are still on an even plane with people not from Ottawa or immediate area. So IP doesn't really work in Ontario.


It is actually the other way around. People in other provinces have a in province advantage relative to Ontario at their home schools, but no real disadvantage in applying here. Ontario, we are just so friendly - we accept everyone equally :)




As a side note, Ottawa needs to update its website at bit. There is a phD/MD program now, and I think the grad stream info is still up :)

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Don't move to Ontario. It's almost the other way around. It seems that every other province has a better IP advantage than those who live in Ontario. The only exceptions are Northern ON, SWOMEN region (but you had to go to high school there) and the Ottawa/Outaouais region.

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