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NEW 2009 Princeton Hyperlearning MCAT Course Materials FOR SALE: $150

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I took the MCAT Hyperlearning Course and 'retook' the course the year after, so I now have 2 sets of books, one of which is new. The material does not change very much from year to year, so I'm looking to sell a set of NEW 2009 MCAT hyperlearning books.


Includes 6 books: Biological Sciences Review, Physical Sciences Review, Verbal Workbook, Verbal Reasoning and Writing Review, Science Workbook and an In Class Workbook with additional passages. Second year taking this I self-studied with the books only and I did great.


* Physical Sciences Review - More than 500 pages of physics and general chemistry review

* Biological Sciences Review - More than 600 pages of biology and organic chemistry review

* Science Workbook - 700 pages with hundreds of MCAT-style practice passages and questions with complete explanations

* Verbal Reasoning and Writing Reviews - More than 200 pages of review, including descriptions of passages, strategies, tips, and techniques

* Verbal Workbook - Dozens of MCAT practice passages and 4 full-length Verbal Reasoning practice tests with complete explanations

* In-Class Passage Compendium - The equivalent of 4 MCATs' worth of additional test questions

* Science Review Q&S - A "Questions and Solutions" booklet with hundreds of practice questions reflecting material from the most recent MCAT


Course cost me $1699, and you can't get these books from anywhere else. WILLING TO NEGOTIATE PRICE. Contact me if you're interested.

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