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Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted 2010-2011

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So, I was glancing over the past thread and I just wanted to see what peoples' opinions are on the issue - but I think it might be more useful to have accepted/rejected/waitlist, where people also talk a bit more about their application too (i.e. list GPA, MCAT, ECs) just like the other threads on the forum. At the same time, we can keep compiling a list of acceptances, waitlists, and rejections as has been done in the past.


So basically with this system you would:

1) Post your stats (GPA, MCAT Score), ECs

2) Post date of interview and whether you have been accepted/rejected/waitlisted and the date.

3) Add your name to the list of people who have been accepted/rejected/waitlisted. Next to your name, also list your GPA and MCAT score.


Ex post:


User: SuperMedicalStudent

Accepted (status of app)

4.00 (list GPA)

45T - 15/15/15 T (list MCAT scores)

Saved the world from annihilation (briefly describe ECs)




SuperMedicalStudent (4.00, 15/15/15, 45T) - I: 10/15, A: 11/15 (add name to list)



-list of rejected apps



-list of waitlisted apps


Note: Abbreviations: I = interview date, A = acceptance date




This way, at one glance you can also see the stats of people who were accepted and learn more about their app if you wanted too.


Let me know if that's how we'll do it this cycle, or if I'm being crazy.

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