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OOP Should I apply?

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I understand that this question has been asked a million times already so please bear with me here. I have a GPA of 90.75% (2 best years). Based on U of S website that seemed ok (since they said that > 90% is a competitive GPA for OOPs). However after going through this form I realized that 92.4% is a much more realistic GPA cutoff.


So is it really worth applying with a 90.75% GPA?


Thanx in advance :)

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90.75% is a really good average to have. Not sure if you would get an interview (if you're out of province), they tend to gather a bunch of OOP (usually 300ish not sure check the stats) and select about 50 or so (and these 50 have pretty INSANE averages). But if I were you, I would still apply and see what happens!

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Thanks guys :) I think I will go for it (fingers crossed)


To dr34mXXX... I used the following converting scale since my school uses letter grades


A+ 95

A 88

A- 82

B+ 78

B 75

B- 72

C+ 68

C 65

C- 62

D+ 58

D 55

D- 52


There was also some discussion regarding the conversion on the following thread http://www.premed101.com/forums/showthread.php?t=53353


Hope this helps

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