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Good day all!


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Hey everyone, just wanted to introduce myself to this wonderful website full of info and great people! Thank goodness for google and thoughtful typing to find premed101.com. I live in Victoria BC but was born and raised in Thunder Bay ON..would I ever go back? Only if Northern Ontario School of Medicine accepted me! I began my journey towards medicine a year ago, after pursuing firefighting for nearly 7 years. I was a paramedic for a short while and during that time i discovered my passion to not only help people, but to see them through the beginning/onset of illness/injury, or what have you, to back on their feet with a little skip in their step. So far, it has been quite the wonderful, eye opening experience in all my travels (still saving for a trip to Europe!) and I look forward to participating on this website and watching all of us succeed in our endeavors to become physicians! All my best to you all!


I like to know about who people are so I guess i'll go first!


I love surfing/paddleboarding and have been making my own paddleboards for a year now-it is so awesome. Been playing cello for almost 8 years and it is something I shall never quit.Right now i am wanting to join the Victoria Conservatory of Music as a cellist, but between volunteering and a full course load, time is hard to come by! I volunteer with with the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary-amazing organization to be with! We repsond to all types of on-water emergencies in all types of weather (yes, even waves that can reach 10-15 feet) in vessels capable of self-righting in the event of roll over. During the school term, i work weekends for a private non-emergency ambulance service which gives me great exposure to the hospital environment-it is where we work! So ive been around thousands of patients, families, nurses and doctors, and from this experience alone, I know I want to become a physician. I also love to knitt... yes it is true and yes, i have made a blanket :) Next up is a hoody!


A little insight to who I am. Anyone else want to chime in?

Take care :)

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Welcome to the forum! That was a nice introduction, thanks for sharing :)


My name's Kirsten, I'm living in Kamloops, BC (born in Newfoundland, raised in Alberta, but definitely a BC girl. I love it here!). When I turned 18 I backpacked through Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia alone, met tons of amazing people, saw beautiful things, learned a lot about myself and and finally developed confidence for the first time in my life. 6 months after I got home, I went around Costa Rica, Northern Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala for another two months. I got certified to scuba dive in Honduras (Utila) and long to go back to get my advanced certification! It's like a whole new world under the water!


I've been working as a care aid for 2.5 years and am currently in nursing school, very much planning on going into medicine after I graduate. I started taking karate this winter and adore it- it totally clears my mind and refreshes my body-, am cross country skiing with my dad most weekends, and party with my incredible friends once or twice a week :) I'm volunteering with Big Sisters (tons of fun, super easy and makes me smile so much!), the Salvation Army meal truck a couple of times a month, and am looking at joining Best Buddies at my school, a group like Big Brothers that matches you to a person with developmental exceptionalities and all you do is be there friend and hang out once a week! I'm very much looking forward to it, it sounds like a wonderful cause.


That's mostly it :) Lovely to meet you, Jay, and I hope you get as much out of these forums as I have!

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I shall introduce myself as well!

My "name" is Cerena.

I'm very bubbly, and I like to smile.

And I often overuse emoticons... :o


People make me happy. Research makes me happy. And helping others makes me... happy :)

Equally important is a bit of laughter and humour.


I've just finished a 5 year biochemistry (oops --- sorry for swearing) degree and that was definitely not my passion... but I enjoy medicine. And, I'm committed to become a rural physician in the future.


I dance and play piano every day. And, it's no secret that I love to cook and bake.


Being part of this forum has been wonderful. It's a great source of information, and I hope that you find what you are looking for. If you have a question, someone will have an answer :)



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