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who's in for a big headache case?

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I will try to make my case clear and concise.

I always thought that I wanted to do research. So I did a first B.Sc. in Microbiology, and wasn't quite satisfied with what I'd learned. So then, I figured I'd explore the Arts a bit, so I started a B.A.&Sc. degree in Cognitive Science (Neuroscience, Linguistics, Psychology)... but I interrupted this degree in order to do an M.Sc. in Pharmacology, which I could have turned into a PhD but found out I didn't like research all that much. So I decided to go back and finish the degree I'd started in Cog Sci while I figured out what it is I really wanted to do (I will be graduating from this degree this year).

Last year, I went through some deep thinking and that's when I finally figured out I wanted to be a doctor (I'll spare you the details). So I applied to all the universities in Quebec (McGill, UdeM, Laval and Sherbrooke) but found out I am almost but not quite there for the grades (A- average for both BSc. degrees and A average for MSc.)

But the thing is, I am now 28 and have no idea whether I am too old to even consider applying again. Do the schools look at age?

I am thinking of starting a third BSc in Nursing this time so that I could really focus on the grades and just apply to med school every year until I hopefully get in. Any advice, thought, or comment?

Thanks in advance...

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Med schools don't care about age. They care about GPA, MCAT, and EC's.


yup, the oldest person in our class is significantly older than the OP...and there is more than one above the age of 30 in it as well.


Only thing is just make sure you are on the right path with nursing - it would be good if that was a backup for you, and make sure you can get the GPA regardless in it. Some nursing programs will not make that easy so check it it out :)

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