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Interview Invite?

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GPA: 3.9 (Dal Scale)

MCAT: 33

Maritime Connection: none but had visited for a conference 

Time Stamp: 10:15


Congrats to all the people representing the OOP group!  :)  Maybe in a different thread (to avoid mixing topics) if some of the OOP could share a little bit more  about their applications and background that might help us other OOP-ers for future applications/ assess our applications better?


Best of luck with interviews everyone!

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3.94 GPA


Really weak essay on my maritime connection. Had no connections to speak of, and just talked about why I would want to go to Dal instead of other schools.

I kind of expected this result just based on the past results of other people I know and their applications relative to mine, but still, this wasn't the best way to start my week. It was also the first med app I ever filled out, and I realized I missed a couple minor autobiographical entries, and failed to really sell myself on the ones I included. Oh well, I think even though this one didn't pan out, thinking about and writing that essay really helped me work through what admission committees are after, and probably strengthened my other apps.

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