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Guest BCgirl

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Guest cgb2006

Hey BC Girl:


I know someone who was interviewed at Dal in late January last year. I received notification via email last year at the end of January for an interview in mid-february. We were both NS applicants.


Hope this helps :)

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Guest NBsmurf

Hi BCgirl;


Like MD2006 and cgb2006, I received my interview invite by late-January (I was living out of province at the time, but am a maritime resident). I was notified by email and received information regarding places to stay etc. maybe a week later. My interview was February 15th (I think) , in the email I was sent it sounded as though I was in the last batch of maritime residents being interviewed (I don't have confirmation of this though).


Hope this helps some, and good luck! :)

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Guest arcticaguy

hey BCgirl,

If I recall correctly, I received a mail notification, a week before the big day....However, I did receive a phone call from the admissions office 2-3 days earlier. Apparently the letter had been sent out late and they wanted me to have 'enough' time to prepare.

Not impressive, but understandable.

Good Luck.

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