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Ireland Medical School..is It Worth It?

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Absolutely 100% do not go there out of high school. At your age, you might no see it but 300k debt is a huge burden. You have not even tried getting into Canada, that should be your main priority. 


In addition, no international school has a 100% match rate. 

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In my opinion:


If you have 1. money and/or 2. European passport then yes it's worth considering.


In other cases, I would think a bit harder about the financial investment. If you can work really hard and maintain good grades in undergrad, you could get into a Canadian school.

On the other hand, if you want to save yourself the trouble of writing the MCAT and another 2-4 years of school (many go on to do a Master's before going to med school in Canada), then you might want to consider Ireland.

I would also look into the UK.


What's your background? Do you have an EU passport?

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I have a EU passport, and am still struggling to get into school in Canada. Why is it worth it for me to invest 300k to go to Ireland and not worth it for someone who does not have an EU passport?

It isn't exactly "worth it" persae, but relatively better off with an EU passport - since you have much better odds of relying on that to find a residency in the EU.


Those without EU passports are lowest of the low in priority for EU residencies, and in most cases excluded completely.


Even now, there has been recent changes - such that those with EU passports but entering via ABP not the regular CAO(spelling?) stream that irish high school students enter med school through; will be put at a lower priority for Irish training spots.


So relatively, its is "more worth it", but still risky. And stupidly expensive.

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I've just taken a look at the Irish match data for this year and the results don't look too bad especially at some schools. The total match rate to something hovered around 70-80% on average with probably 50-60% of the total matching to Canada and 20-30% matching to the states. Out of the rest some people stayed in Ireland maybe one or two went to the UK and others just did not apply or did not match. There were people from previous years who then matched the following year. 


Depending on the school the kinds of residencies they got matched to changed. Definitely there is a preponderance towards primary care specialties, but at UL the match rate was actually quite phenomenal:


CaRMS: 20/25 (4 entered ERAS) = 20/21 (95%)
• Family – 8: Western (3), Ottawa (3*), UBC (2)
• Internal – 3: Ottawa (2), Saskatchewan*
• Pediatrics – 2: UBC, Ottawa
• Neurology – 2: Toronto, Western
• Gen Surg – 2: Toronto, Ottawa
• Urology: Toronto
• Anesthesiology: Toronto
• Emergency : Toronto
*2 matched in 2nd round
1 couples match
ERAS: 13/15 (includes 4 from CaRMS) (87%)
• Family – 6: Indiana (3), Mt Sinai – Chicago (2), Mayo – Minnesota
• Internal – 6: Case Western Metro Health, Cleveland Clinic, Lahey,
North Carolina, Buffalo, Montana
• Gen Surg: Brown
• Neurology: Kentucky
• Transitional: Tufts
1 couples match
1 SOAP Match
2 from 2015 class matched
2 Irish Students matched with ERAS
Specifically for Galway:
Galway: 5/6 (83%)
CaRMS: 3/4 (75%)
• Family: Saskatchewan North Battleford
• Psych: UBC
• Phys and Rehab: McMaster
3/4 class of 2015 (Family UBC, Internal Calgary, Psychiatry
ERAS: 2/2 (100%)
• Family: Louisville Glasgow
• Anesthesia: SUNY Downstate NYC
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