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I think the two are very different. By the sounds of it, UManitoba's is a way to normalize/correct for disparities for ALL applicants who opt-in. I know that Calgary's Alternative Admissions program is only for about 2-3 students that they think would make uniquely contribute to the program: this can mean almost anything for any reason (ie. it's not simply an affirmative action mandate, as much as finding the 'diamonds in the rough' who might, for whatever reason, fall under the cut-off for admission.) While any student can be selected to be admitted through UofC's process, it is not an optional 'index' that can be applied to all applicants -- as UManitoba's seems to be.

What I also like about Calgary's process is that they don't disclose who gets in this way, and who does not, so that way no one gets singled out for either praise or criticism. Seems like a good idea to me.

Your story sounds incredible, and I'm sure that your experiences will aid you in becoming a fantastic physician. Alternative admission, or not, try not to worry if you fit into a certain box. Be proud of your interview -- and good luck!! I hope we can both be offered a spot in UCalgary together next year! :) 

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Is there a chance that I would fit the bill for Calgary's Alternative Admissions Process though? From my understanding if they want physicians that directly meet healthcare needs of Albertans- well we have had thousands of refugees come in the past year (and still coming) and it has been proven that patient needs coming from marginalized backgrounds are addressed best by physicians who have gone through a similar life, can relate to them, similar background, speak the language etc would my experience fit for the alternative admissions process? I am saying this because I am just really nervous for getting results back, and in the chance I was flagged for this alternative admissions process maybe my chances at admission are better than I thought?


No body knows what their criteria for social accountability, YesIcan55.  Did not you apply last year to U of C ? If you were not selected last year as part of the alternative admission process,  what makes you think this year will be different? 


I know few applicants  who applied last year who fit the above mentioned criteria you are describing (familiarity with refugee's background and language, as well as direct work in various capacities with refugees), yet, they were unfortunately rejected post interview. 


If they changed their criteria this year, then maybe you will be selected.

If they did not change their criteria this year, then it is unlikely that you will fit this category.


Best of Luck :)

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