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Sami Barbouti

Engineer looking for Medical School Advice

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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to ask for advice on potentially applying to Medical School as an engineer.

I graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Chemical Engineering degree in 2018, am 24 years old, and have been working in Calgary, in a Business Analyst role (not engineering related at all) at an Oil & Gas company. Now that I’ve racked up some cash, I wanted to look into the feasibility of myself as a Medical School applicant. I consider myself a fast learner. I’ve done internships in Aerospace, Polymers, & other research, and now work in a setting completely different than what I studied and am doing quite well.

However, my cumulative average was 79.6% over my 5 years at UW. This is my first reservation in applying to med school. In all honesty, engineering was not that hard, but I did not put in enough effort, and thus, my GPA reflects this. My roommate is a successful anesthesiologist and actually does resident interviews at his hospital. He told me my GPA might not be as bad as I think. But he also did med school like 40 years ago lol.

My second reservation is the extra-cirriculars. Currently, I am an EIT (engineer in training) registered with APEGA (association of professional engineers and geoscientists alberta). Not sure if this even matters. I have a role in an alumni chapter of my fraternity here in Calgary. I do some private tutoring on the side (less than 10 hours a week) in physics, chemistry, calculus, and english. Other than that, I do not really have any extra curricular activities. Maybe my first three research internships (foam lab, plastics lab, and membrane research lab) might be more applicable, but those were 2014 to 2016. My last two internships were at Bombardier in a business/engineering capacity.

Anyway, in short, how do my options look?

Thanks for the advice,


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Your overall cGPA is not competitive for most schools.   Break your GPA down by each academic year.  In your case 1A+1B  , 2A+2B. etc.  If you have a couple of good years, you may be able to use weighted wGPA.  Look up Queens, Western, U of T as examples for how weighting is done.

Your ECs are not going to be pre-med-like, but that is OK.   Alot of it is how you write them up and identify against CanMeds  (Google it).

If your wGPA is OK for some schools, start thinking about writing MCAT

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