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Lots of my classmates lived in Toronto before coming to Hamilton, and it's different, but not necessarily different bad. Your living situation is up to you, just like Toronto there are nicer and less nicer areas of Hamilton, if you want to live in a swanky condo you can or if you want to rent a house with a yard that might actually be in your price range unlike Toronto. You will need to drive, at least sometimes. There's lots of interesting things to do, nice restaurants, etc. Hamilton is gentrifying, for better or for worse. It might not have the concerts/plays/sports teams that Toronto does, but Toronto is only a 60 minute bus ride away!

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On 7/3/2018 at 2:21 PM, dreizehn said:

Hi everyone

Im hoping to get into McMaster med this coming cycle. I'm also applying to UofT and another, but based on the way they accept, I'd be more likely to get in here (at McMaster)

My question is about the city of Hamilton! How is it to live in? Is it really the armpit of Ontario? I come from downtown Toronto and right now study at Guelph, so obviously it is between those two, but is it really bad like I've heard?

 Hoping to convince my S/O who is a musician to come live with me instead of more long distance, but he'd much rather stay in Toronto for obvious reasons



It really depends on what you are going for. It is a medium sized working class city that is about an hour from Toronto. It is growing but slower than Toronto and almost all of its growth is an offshoot of growth spilling over from the GTA. If you are someone who likes to keep up to date on the trends, it probably isn't for you. The food isn't bad, certainly better than most cities in Ontario apart from Toronto and Ottawa. It isn't a yuppie stronghold that's for sure, healthcare, steel and the university are pretty much the only industries in town. It's sort of the Canadian version of Pittsburgh. 

It is safer than most people think and probably safer than Toronto these days. It can get a little boring and the city is definitely more dated compared to Toronto. But if you like suburban life (minimal traffic, affordable housing) with a bit of an urban feel when you need it, Hamilton is your city. 


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