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Secondary application Additional comments section

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Hello all, 

This application we have this section (below) for the application.

Additional CommentsAdd

Describe significant challenges and extenuating circumstances you have experienced.

Stupid question but is this a mandatory/scored category? normally I wouldn't give it a second glance but last year they had an essay type question so I was wondering if this is a similar item and I am just being to hasty. 

Thanks guys! 

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The essay question last year was not under Additional Comments. There were some people saying on this forum that the essay wasn't mandatory because some people got an interview without completing the essay.

I'm guessing this question under Additional Comments isn't mandatory, but maybe check with the admissions office.

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I definitely think the additional comments is not necessary. It seems like the U of A is still undergoing their whole experimental stage with applications that started like 2 years ago when the introduced CASPer out of nowhere and are now rumored to not really care about GPA anymore.

That said, I wonder how much the additional comments will add/remove from your application. While they might not actually "count" it as part of the 17 points for ECs, its got to affect your application in some way. I wonder what would be really appropriate to add in here. Maybe if you're an immigrant about how you had to move to a new country and adjust to life in Canada?

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