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Prepping for a panel interview vs MMI

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Hi! I'm really sorry if this has been asked before but is there a difference in the way one should prep for an MMI vs. panel interview? So far, I've only been practicing for an MMI-style interview. I'm looking for tips on how to prepare for a panel interview.

For example, with MMI, you know you have 8 min to talk. However, with a panel interview, how do you know when to stop talking? Or things like, should I be practicing acting scenarios as well for a panel interview or are those just limited to MMI?

Thank you! 

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Be ready for any type of question in the panel interview. Same as MMI with regards to trying not to ramble too much. Can be more stressful than an MMI as you are sitting with the same 3 people for 40ish minutes instead of having an opportunity to reset between stations. Practicing relaxation strategies to manage interview day nerves well ahead of your interview is helpful, so that when you need them they are accessible.

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Be prepared for anything. I thought I knew Ottawa's tricks based on my two previous interview and things I heard through the grapevine. Then last year they threw a question at me (and I assume a lot of the other applicants) that I totally was not expecting.

Your answers should definitely be shorter, there is a good document on this in the Med School Interview section of this website.

uOttawa also puts on a Med School Interview day which would probably be helpful for you.

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I would focus on practicing for MMI since the time constraints are more rigid. I was worried too about how much you could go on for a panel question but you eventually get a sense of how long a station is and that should be the max you have to say about a topic lol. Answering a panel question in relatively less time is okay since they can move on to the next question and don't have to sit awkwardly for the remaining time like in MMI. 

The style of questions between the two is the same (including role playing scenarios! albeit with worse actors during panels lol) but the proportion of those questions will vary across schools 

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