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I thought it was very good overall. I really like how transparent UofC is about the process and there appears to be a really great sense of camaraderie amongst the students. Overall it is definitely a long day, but I walked away feeling that I was able to really show them who I am and what I’m about. I thought the stations were harder than UBC (for example), but in a good way. It felt like their process would really make sure the best of best get in. I think there are pros and cons (just like every other school), but overall UofC ticks a lot of the boxes. I am 100% convinced that anyone who goes there has all the opportunities and support needed to succeed. Good luck to everyone! 

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Agree with above ^ the collegial spirit at UofC was really amazing and I really appreciated the schools transparency in the whole process! In terms of the interview itself, the panels went okay. One was eh, the other one was enjoyable and I liked that I could talk about my experiences. Group activity seemed easy. 

I felt like MMI preparation didn't really help when it came to the stations. I felt like they were designed so that you couldn't really use the formulaic way of approaching MMI scenarios. A lot of them were straightforwards with what they were asking or very personal and open to interpretation. Despite that, I think they were pretty hard compared to anything I had practiced and the more time passes, the worse I think I did.. It was my first MMI experience so I have nothing to compare it to. 

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