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How does students coming from health science not represent diversity in our society... LOL. They come from diverse backgrounds too. I simply don't understand the logic in that statement. 

Additionally, these medical schools do not just screen for Health Sci's like "Oh, Health sci! Must admit them immediately!" They go through the same anonymous process everyone else goes through. 


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@amir1 your statement is neither logical nor accurate. 

you can claim that the UoT class does not reflect the "diversity in our society" if the said class does not represent the various socioeconomical, class, gender, ethnicity and other demographic identifiers of our society. As a matter of fact UoT, McMaster, and York university all have some of the most diverse undergraduate classes in the entire country, and it is the students of these institutions that make up the applicant pool. 

you can claim that the "environment of equity and fairness" is none existence in the UoT admission process, if their admission process and policies would some how exclude or discourage applicants belonging to certain social groups/classes from applying or being admitted. Such policy does not exist! 

I assume you have written the MCAT and in preparation for the test have studied some social sciences concepts, I hope in the future you can draw upon those concepts to make more logical and evidence-based statements. Speaking of evidence-based statements, which are paramount to practicing evidence-based medicine, it appears that you need to further hone your critical and data analysis skills, as you have clearly mis-represented and mis-interpreted their data. 

I wish you luck in honing skills that will further enable you to better analyze evidence, and better appreciate social accountability and justice concepts. 

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