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MCAT dilemma.. plz help

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Hey everyone! I'm looking for some advice on rewriting the MCAT. 

I'm a non-trad, IP applicant and interviewed with UBC last month. My GPA is on the lower end (80ish) and got a 507 on the MCAT. I'm hoping I'll get in but if I don't I'm thinking of rewriting the MCAT. This is where I need your advice. Should I rewrite it? I meet all the minimums but is this score still too low? I was scoring in the 511-513 range for the practice exams last year. Should I sign up for late August already or wait till the admission decisions come out in May. How in advance should I be booking for the MCAT? I'm worried I might not be able to get a date closer to! I also work full time so trying to plan studying into my schedule before that August Deadline for last acceptable MCAT in 2019. 

Thanks in advance for your help!! 

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Are the individual section scores pretty even by any chance? Hmm I can definitely understand why you feel torn.  In my personal opinion, I think you should wait until May and see what happens.  If May brings good news, then perfect!  If not, I think it would be better if you attempt a rewrite; also, there’s a very strong chance you’ll be able to register for August should you look for an exam date then.  Most of the times I registered for the MCAT has been close to the actual exam date (even if it was August) lol.  You’d have to check every day tho to find an open spot, and usually cancelations do happen (ESPECIALLY before the bronze deadline or whatever it’s called).

However, to use your time efficiently, perhaps you can (right now) think of writing up a plan should you decide to rewrite it depending on the result you get in May — so, make a plan for studying for the exam starting late May until, say, August.

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Hey congrats on the interview! I have 2 cents to give but as always, take the prescribed grains of salt. 

Sounds like a tough decision. I too think a rewrite would be a good thing though I wonder about the feasibility of getting a reasonable exam date near enough you if you wait to book come May. The gold deadline's only like a month out from your exam date so at worst, if you book now and you get in, you'd be out a couple hundred dollars in exchange for a fancy backpack! Reason I'm a little less confident than Neurophiliac about the date is my own timeline last year - I waited for the regrets in May and the closest exam centre with a spot on the date I wanted was past Seattle.. not a huge deal but be aware that you might have to be 'flexible' - apparently there's a variety of experiences. ;) I definitely second drafting a schedule early so you can hop on the prep early if May isn't ideal. Cheers & best of luck!

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