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Unfilled positions after the 2nd iteration of R-1 CaRMS

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7 hours ago, moonwalker2099 said:

I'm curious how the MOTP surge works. Are applicants interested in the MOTP program only able to apply to the listed sites or are additional spots created through subsidization? I noticed McGill wasn't listed as an MOTP site despite the CAF listing it as a participating school. 

I'm curious as well. How do they get the students spots? I assume they are providing the funding but how do schools find training capacity? Does the school get pressured to just accept these students? 

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21 minutes ago, Cheesehead said:

Out of curiosity, what happens to spots that are unfilled after the second iteration of the match? 

CARMS is over and people/programs can directly contact each other. How or even if a program would approach that is very variable. In fact it is a mess - which is one of the major reasons systems like CARMS were created in the first place ha. 



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