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Athabasca Physics Prereq Question

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Hey everyone, 

I'm trying to fulfill the 2nd physics requirement for McGill (I have all the other prereqs) and the admissions office said I could take a 2nd physics online through Athabasca. But, there are three 2nd physics courses offered by Athabasca. 

Has anyone been in the same boat? And does anyone know which of these three courses McGill accepts as a 2nd physics? 

Thank you! 

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phys201 and phys 200 appear to be the basis for mechanics and electricity courses. Also states that it is equivalent to one year of intro phys which is what is required for option 1 prereqs (6 cr of physics. Phys 202 appears to be optics which was in my opinion the worst one of the 3 physics I did. 


The problem I see here is that you are actually not doing all the elements of either classes mech/elec/optics in one course, it is mixed. Magnetism is in the course with optics while you have some mechanics in phys 201. Send the topics explored in each course by email to admissions asking to see if it is equivalent to 6 cr of physics required.


Good luck!


If you are in montreal, it isn't too late to apply to Concordia university and do physics + lab there as a mature student. You only need to submit exemption forms for calculus 1 and 2 and mechanics. Or you could try Dawson, i don't think it is too late to apply yet. You can do it evening if you work as well. 

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On 9/4/2019 at 2:35 PM, Ella_mhealthresearcher said:

Hi there!

Thanks so much for your reply. I heard back from McGill and they accept all three Athabasca physics courses.

Hopefully this info helps some others who've had the same question :)


Hi! Sorry to bring up an old thread. So, I need to do 2 intro to physics courses (with labs) and wondering which ones from Athabasca are accepted at McGill. So you’re saying to fulfill those 2 courses, I could do PHYS201 and 202 according to med admin? I emailed them last week and they said it was up to me to figure out if the Athabasca courses met the requirements and I’m just looking around if I can find answers from others. You were able to apply and they were fine with that prereq? :) 

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