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Question about taking courses post graduation

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Hi friends,

I have a question about how med schools would do gpa calculations with courses that are taken after graduation (from a 4 year bachelors). I wanted to take a few extra courses this summer or in the next school year (but not as a full time student) for dentistry prerequisites. I am worried if this will affect how medical schools will calculate gpa. I know that McMaster will just include all courses taken, but I'm not too sure about other schools. Will I be disqualified for any gpa adjustments such as dropping my worst year in the case of uoft? Thanks in advance!

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I think you might be able to do "part time" course work and still retain the wGPA status. But I must warn you, u of t has a very specific definition of part time. It is not the same as non-full course load. I think u need to take less than three courses in a semester for example but double check. I think they have a website page explaning part time studies and wGPA eligibility 

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