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Long story short, I graduated with a bachelor in Engineering (Chemical) with a 2.76 cGPA and just finished a maters in Mathematics with a cGPA 3.7.  After a series of incidents, I decided now to go for medical school. I'm deciding on whether to take non-degree pre med courses at some universities or go for a post bacc program for med school, or should I go for a second degree for a better GPA? 

I have research experience in math and bioengineering(worked under professors in school), no publications yet.

Worked 2 years in a ophthalmologist office as a medical exam pretester(check patient vision, eye pressure, perform exams like OCT , visual Field , ..etc) during my undergraduate years.

a lot other part times as cashier and sales associate during my undergraduate years too.

What are my chances?

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Since graduate grades count for next to nothing at most schools, you're probably looking at a second undergraduate if you want to be viable anywhere in Canada, as your gpa as it stands will unfortunately get you screened out across the board. In any case you'll need to shoot for at least >3.7 in 2 full years of study to get your foot in the door at schools that don't look at/require all 4 years of grades, but preferably even better to be genuinely competitive (3.8/3.9+). Definitely not too late to go down that path, but it probably is worth some serious thinking if all of the additional time and sacrifice will be worth it to you personally. 

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Agree with above. First you're going to look at individual schools and see what their policies are on grade forgiveness, because unfortunately (assuming you took a full course load x4y for your undergrad), your cumulative GPA with 4 years of 4.0 GPA in a second degree will only get you to 3.38 by my back of the napkin math, which will screen you out everywhere. That rules out the schools without some sort of grade forgiveness, ie McMaster, and each has different requirements for second degrees to make you eligible. You don't have to do "pre-med" courses as most schools no longer have pre-reqs.

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