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When I started university, I had no idea what I wanted to major in, but always in the back of mind wanted to be a doctor. When I was 11 I almost lost my mother, and from that point I wanted to help people.


Still, I kept going, trying out different things that didn't work out, until I ended up depressed. I think my problem is seasonal depression, I'm fine in the summer and early fall months.

Things start off fine in the fall term. Then towards the end of my fall term and throughout winter I am a complete shut-in. I miss more classes than I go to. I hand in things past the due date. I finish my tests and exam early because there's a lot I don't know.

Every semester was worse than the one before. My family members who always supported my goal of becoming a doctor are encouraging me to just get a good job. Any respectable office job. I am a bit appalled. I know they have my best interest in mind, but I feel like they gave up on me.

I have 4 years of school, and 3 years worth of credits. Grades ranging from F an A. I need two more semesters to finish a useless degree. I have not gotten a single A since my 2nd year, my highest grade was a B+. I have not made any school friends since first year.


Now, I am 23 years old, and at a cross.

1- I have a job offer from an airline. I can take it, work for a bit, then come back and resume my goal. Apply for school with a 2 year focus. Dal, Western and Queens, as well as UofA and UofC,. I may end up applying to med school in 30s.

2- I can also go to nursing school, which I like the idea of. Knowing how difficult nursing is, I probably will not be able to apply to med school with the grades I will get. I may eve damage my academic record further. I think I will satisfied being a nurse though.

3- My other option is to keep going in school. Decline the job. Change majors, keep at it for another 2 years. It may not come to fruition. At least I will be around 26/27 when I apply for the first time. Much better than being in my 30s since I am a woman and will be facing other pressures like getting married and having kids (due to my culture). There is no guarantee, however. Given my academic record this far, I probably won't be able to turn it around magically like that.


I am going with option 1. I'm not giving up, but I'm putting it all on hold. I want to come back a better person. More educated about the world and people, and more willing to work harder




(also sorry for the headache)

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I agree with @freewheeler. Do whatever you think will best let you take care of yourself.

If you’re feeling good about the idea of taking a break from pursuing school to work for awhile, then it’s probably good idea. You won’t be putting it all on hold - there are a lot of other useful life skills and marurity that you develop through having a career, learning to take care of yourself and be independent, etc. So if/when you do decide to come back school, you may be in a better place for it.

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I took an accelerated nursing program after my 1st degree and have to recommend (maybe with some bias) option 2.

You may also find that if you study something you like i.e healthcare related, you may naturally do better. I’m graduating from nursing next Saturday with a 4.0 gpa, after also doing many of the things you described in my 1st degree, and finishing with less than a 3.0. Nursing can be a lot of material and some subjective grading but it’s entirely possible to do very well. And with a nursing degree you can still apply to MD if you do well enough, or NP, or go into nursing/healthcare management. So many different possibilities there. And if you wanted to have a career as a staff nurse in a specific field, that’s great too.

Saying that, I also agree with the others and will say please just do whatever will makes you feel the best. That’s always the best option.

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12 hours ago, abouttimeijoined said:

i knew about Queens, Dal and Western but not the others. can someone please confirm the schools with 2-year focus and the conditions? because U of A & U of C seems more like 3 years 

my apologies! In my case they would be a 2 year focus because I have several part time years that won't count for those two. But you are correct, they only drop your lowest year

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