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Wayne State Questions - Application deadlines? Reapplicant? Primaries + Secondaries? Residency options (reciprocity)?

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Hey - new to the USA threads and I have a few questions. I have a question regarding applying to this school in particular. When it says it has a deadline for primary application of December 31, is someone really at a disadvantage to apply that late in the cycle? I know it is better to apply earlier than later.

If I did apply and was unsuccessful => I also read that re-applicants tend to be looked upon less favourably by USA schools - is this true?

With this said, is it really too late to apply to this school? I am asking because I hadn't even considered USA schools for this cycle and had started looking at the MSAR for next cycle and saw that Wayne was still open for this one.... 

There is some benefit for me waiting for next cycle as well - I can continue adding to my experiences, at least 2 of which can be improved by a great measure, and I could get some shadowing experience completed, which I know USA schools like to see. Also it would give me time to work on the essay(s) from now until May or June... And would give my letter writers time. I think it would be pretty intense to spring a letter request on them this close to the holidays....

Once done with a med school in the States is it pretty easy to get back to Canada? I have read that USA Canadian grads are considered in the CMG stream and go through CaRMS? I could be wrong... 

Thanks in advance!

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https://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/2018-2019-wayne-state-university.1307228/page-36#post-20523202 you can try posting your question to this forum, but probably same response. FYI - student doctor is really good to get a sense of how to apply for US schools, where they are in their application process. Also, for next cycle, they usually recycle their questions so I recommend copying the questions down, and having them prepared. 

People in the US will submit their entire applications to all their schools (regardless of application deadline) as early as July. August is considered "late." 

But, if you have the time and money - it is your decision if you want to try it. Could help just understand the process. I know that AMCAS is slow to get your transcript so there's no guarantee it will even be there before the end of December. 

Best of luck! 

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