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What’s the best way to prepare for clerkship over the Summer?

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Rest and recharge. If you really want to keep fresh reading around guidelines and mccqe material for your first rotation. Most gains you would make have diminishing returns. Just like how you will be relearning things throughout year 3 that you learned in 1/2, the same will be for msi4, residency and beyond etc.

Uworld step 2 ck question bank is gold standard IMO. Has great content in it. Casually do some questions if you're bored.

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On 5/8/2019 at 5:43 PM, Bookmark311 said:

What resources to use to prepare for clerkship? Question banks that are helpful?

I tried cracking some books open during summer but gave up quickly after not realizing what was important to retain. I instead hung out with friends and worked on areas around the field I wanted to go into (did some research, went to a conference, spent a couple of evening shifts with junior residents on call to build my procedural skills). Its a confirmation bias for sure since the match went well for me, but I thought this method helped me in the long run more than reading up on general knowledge. I learned and retained information better when I had patients to interact with and cases to read around. 

I can tell you what I used DURING my rotations. I found the Ottawa primer really helpful for anesthesia, and I used pocket medicine during my internal medicine rotation. The comments above are great for pre-reading if you would still like to dabble in that prior to starting your rotations (probably not the worst idea, so long as you balance it and enjoy your summer as well!). I loved clerkship and I'm excited for you starting it soon! 

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Flash cards, anki, question banks are all pretty easy and interactive ways to keep testing your knowledge if you're feeling keen. It's nice because you can literally just run through a few questions during a commute, at the gym etc. Overall not necessary but easier than flipping through preclerkship notes to review. 

OnlineMedEd is pretty good for a rough review too. 

Uworld is a bit random with obscure questions, and some of it will not help you at all during clerkship. Still waiting to apply my knowledge about ehrlichiosis, pseudocyesis, or about high-output heart failure secondary to AV fistulas forming after traumatic knife injuries... 

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