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I will bet that only about ~1200 applicants actually meet the GPA/MCAT cut-off, possibly even lower.

Here's my reasoning:

Queen's received 5089 applications last year, and only about 2000 applicants met the GPA and MCAT cut-offs. 40% of applicants meet cut-offs

Ottawa received 4,269 applications last year, and only 2,241 applicants met the GPA Cut-off. 53% of applicants meet cut-offs

Western received 2156 applications last year. If we assume Ottawa's less forgiving math (53%) we'll have 1142 applicants make the cut-offs. If we assume Queen's more forgiving math (40%) we'll have 840 applicants make the cut-offs.

Obviously every school is different but the fact also remains that there are a ton of applicants who are outright rejected before a full file-review because they don't meet eligibility requirements. This is also the case for UBC, Calgary, and Alberta where 100s of applicants are screened out pre-interview for not meeting cut-offs, eligibility requirements, transcript requirements, or for incomplete applications. This doesn't change anything, but it might be uplifting to know that you're really not competing with exactly 5000 applicants. As long as you meet the minimum requirements, you are most likely competing with a much smaller subset of the application pool. 


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