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On 11/17/2019 at 10:24 AM, MDinCanada said:

CV, interview?

I think this has already been done in the US

The biggest detriment of this would be pushing the "gunning" process even earlier. I don't think this is a good idea for that reason. AFMC portal has already attempted to standardize the electives process. You can see from their attempt that every school has their own peculiarities that they have refused to drop. I think it is a great idea to standardize and make the elective process more streamlined, but we can see this was already tried and it was a gargantuan effort just to get AFMC portal up and running, I think there are a lot of entrenched policies that will make further change challenging at best. 

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I understand the point of view that you are trying to portray. However, there are several factors you have omitted in your assessment that, in my opinion, point to luck playing a larger role than you

A BIG part of CARMS is just luck. You can be the most deserving, hardest working,  skilled me student functionning at an R2 level, with first author papers, but if you are unlucky and someone doesn't

Could not agree more with @JohnGrisham and @Aetherus To provide a different perspective to all the apparent doom and gloom: sometimes luck works in your favour too. I did an elective at a school

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