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9 hours ago, windsormd1 said:

Any idea why roster sizes in the GTA are hovering between 800-1200 patients on average?  Is a larger roster size difficult to build? How long does it take to build out a roster of 1000 patients?  I don't understand why more physicians don't have roster sizes above 1200 or so.  Is it a saturated market?

@LittleDaisy you are knowledgable on this; any thoughts?

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On 6/6/2020 at 2:48 PM, windsormd1 said:

Nobody has any idea about how hard/easy it is to ramp up a FHO roster? Specifically in the GTA area 

A lot of it is choice, I know a lot of people in the 11-1300 range but I also don't know anyone who's committed to more than 4 days a week. Nothing stopping you if you want to go past that, but join one of the first 5 years facebook groups if you want to talk specifics with practicing physicians

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