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Caffeine boosted my GPA by like 0.3. :)


Coffee = too strong / last resort (keeps me awake for like 2 hrs then I crash)


Tea = just right, not too much arousal so I'd crash, but gets me going after a nap.



On a side note, I used to drink tea directly before going to bed so that theres actually a chance that my alarm clock will wake me up. Otherwise I could sleep through a hurricane. I've never been in a situation where I couldn't sleep, regardless of what was going through my veins.

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Oh ya... They sold them in the "bulk food" section of my local grocery store, and they kept me focused (extremely, frighteningly focused) during exams.


First time I had those I had no idea how powerful they were. I ate 2 chocolate covered coffee bean 100g chocolate bars 2 hours before an calculus exam, mostly because I was hungry. Yeah mistake.....


I wrote the 2.5 hour exam in 27 minutes, and was so energetic that I flung the paper off my desk when I was done by mistake. checked it over twice (10 mins or so) and had to ..... sit ..... there..... because the exam rules were you couldn't leave the room for the first hour and a half.


There is a scene in the first spiderman movie where peter parker was watching a fly slowing beating its wings. I swear it felt like that, everything in slow motion. Longest 45 minutes of my life.


Couldn't sleep for 2 days after :)

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