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Uoft Dentistry Interview 2015


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Does anyone know if uoft is open or close filed? Also, will there be a social event prior to interview and when the tour will be done? Thanks:)

It's close filed. They greet you at the lobby along with 8-9 ppl with the same time slot and u get to talk with some upper year students for a while. The tour begins after the interview. They take some groups to the tour before the personality test and take the other groups after their personality test. Hope I answered all your questions =)

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would the personality test result be used as part of the final decision for the admission? How can I prepare for CDA interview? I am kind of nervous. would appreciate if u answer my questions. :)

I've heard mixed answers from multiple people regarding the personality test. I still don't know if they included it in the final decision for admission or not. You shouldn't worry about the personality test. Think logically and ask yourself, how would a dentist answer this? You will do just fine. 


You can get the Dental interview plus, Top star and all the other interview books people mentioned and practice all the questions. Practice with a friend so they can pick out your body language too! If u are short on time, u might wanna consider getting an interview tutor.

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