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Dermatology as IMG

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51 minutes ago, ArchEnemy said:

There's one spot reserved for IMG at University of Toronto and University of Ottawa.

IMGs can also apply for the Quebec schools.

And I think the University of Ottawa is frequently left purposefully unfilled for the first round so that they could give it to a CMG during the second round.

I think if you want derm or any competitive specialty, foreign med schools are a no go.

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On 11/19/2017 at 4:04 PM, ABCD13 said:

I know dermatology is crazy competitive. I am wondering HOW competitive is it for an IMG from an Irish medical school (in Ontario)?


Any insight would be helpful.


Thank you

It is probably as predictable as what your gut feeling says. 

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21 hours ago, GrouchoMarx said:

probably knew someone

They also often take true IMGs who have done years of research for them to build connections. What I would say is its almost impossible and not worth trying unless you are willing to do years of research with them in the hopes of maybe having a chance at a spot. 

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