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Advice for applicant?

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This is my 2nd time applying and getting an interview at Western and I'm not really sure where to go from here. My stats are as follows:

cGPA: = 3.61

2YGPA = 3.78

MCAT(CP/CARS/BB/PS) = 515 (129/128/127/131)


Given that I was only placed on the low waitlist at Western during the previous cycle I have a feeling these stats aren't nearly enough to get me over the hurdle outside of having a mind-blowingly good interview score. What would you suggest I do going forward? I've already graduated and have spent the past year working so outside of going back for a special year I'm more or less out of options to improve my gpa. I've also considered doing a one year masters in applied health science or a related field but I've read several people say taking a masters to improve a med school application is a lot of work for very little actual benefit. Any suggestions from anyone who's been in a similar situation?

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The thing is that we don't really know how Western weighs everyone's stats/ABS post interview. I know someone who got a straight acceptance with 3.7ish gpa and a much lower mcat than you. For all we know, they might just be using the stats as cut off. The last solid information we have is 10 years ago when they weighed it 50% interview 25% gpa and 25% mcat. With the ABS, that definitely has changed. 

How did your interview go last year? With SWOMEN status, you have a bigger chance post-interview than you think so maybe your interview just didn't go as well as you hoped? I think the best thing to do here is to believe in yourself instead of thinking about what will happen and what you need to do if you don't get in. Then again, that's easier said than done! 

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I probably have said this a ton of times over the years but it is worth repeating

Western (and any other school for that matter) doesn't interview people that don't have a great chance of getting into the school. 

There is just no point doing otherwise - really bare bones practical aspect of things. If you get an interview you have a solid chance of getting in. You stats are not "bad" actually (particularly when you add on the bonuses with SWOMEN status. You are way underestimating your position here. 

You probably just have to work on your interview basically - and that is something you can control :) It isn't easy doing it all again once you didn't get in the last year (another blow to the ego for sure) but they KEEP interviewing you. There is a big hint there ha.

Honestly right now stop worrying about the next step - you are wasting brain power that needs to be used to get ready NOW for the interview. Do what ever is necessary to get prepared for that (probably mostly practise) which there are resources to help with including people on the forum. 



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Hey, I just wanted to add a vote of confidence,

When I got the interview and I saw last years accepted class had an average GPA of >3.9 I also saw myself as a mediocre applicant who is probably going to have to kill the interview if I want to get accepted and not low waitlisted/rejected. However, you did get an interview out of >2000 other applicants. That means something. :D. The interview is going to come and it's going to go, regardless of what you do in the meantime... so you might as well do all you can to prepare and give it all you've got. It's true, what others have said - we don't know how they'll weigh the interview or our essays this year. Plus, you've been through the interview process last year, so that might help with nerves on interview day and what to expect. :) 

Maybe try something different as you interview prep. I've found when I had a second chance at something, its worked out better when I've changed my approach and asked for second opinions on how to prepare. Maybe post back with how you prepared last year, so others here can help you and see what would help. 

Best of luck! 

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Although a while back, I was low waitlisted for Western one year and did not get off the list. Worked in healthcare for a year, reapplied and was accepted to Western. With Western's closed interview style, I would suggest you put a lot of effort in the interview prep. Practice with people who won't be afraid to be critical with you. Since you had one experience already with the interview, that's already an advantage in a sense. Without breaking the non-disclosure agreement, find out how you could improve those answers or how others would answer. You might be surprised how one thing that you said might have been crystal clear in your mind but not translate well to an interviewer. 

tl;dr it's not the end of the world. Prep hard for interview. 

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