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Value of an MBA in medicine

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1 hour ago, wannabdoctor said:

Do you guys think doing an MBA would be beneficial in the world of medicine? My school offers an MD/MBA program that lets me defer my entrance and do a year-long MBA degree instead. I am just not sure if that would be worth it in the long run :blink:

Do you have any useful skills or work experience that would lend you make use of the MBA? Otherwise, don't bother.   Unless you have aspirations to jump ship from clinical practice and join the med-tech, business world...it will be very unlikely to help with anything(nothing at least, you couldn't self-teach etc).

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Less relevant to Canada vs US since medicine is a business down there so helpful to have those credentials if you want to get into the admin side of things. Generally won't be much helpful for standard medical practice including academia but if you are interested in alternative career paths such as biomedical devices, medical product/service provision/development, pharmaceuticals, etc than it can't hurt.

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If you plan to go academic you'd have to pick educational, research or admin stream. If you go admin stream the MBA may be useful. So if you have a passion for administration and want to spend time in the future siting in board meeting, might be something to consider. If youd rather teach or do research an MSc or MEd may be more useful. 

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