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5 hours ago, cardiomed said:

Is it going to be on Monday or will it be actually on Friday?

Just want to prepare myself lol!


44 minutes ago, PharmaLife said:

It's clearly indicated on their website: January 25th

Historically it comes out a few days before the posted date - either Monday or Tuesday 

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6 minutes ago, DrOzuma said:

Does anyone know if they send out an email or am I ganna be refreshing Minerva the whole week??

Eventually you will receive an email (usually at 9-10 PM) but Minerva update can be "hours" earlier (during the day). If you care to know as soon as your result is out, you should be refreshing Minerva! 

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3 minutes ago, Intermediate said:

Are they out ready? How are we notified?

Your minerva status will change from Ready for Review to either Further Review Required(interview), Refused, or waitlisted for interview. At around 9:30pm, you will receive an official email as well. Not sure if they're going to release decisions today but you can keep your eye out for it this week. You can also follow their twitter account so you get a notification https://twitter.com/mcgillmedadm?lang=en , however, they usually update this once they have already released decisions. Good luck :)

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