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2 YR GPA vs Cumulative

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Just curious if anyone has had success getting into Queens with a very poor cumulative GPA (around 2.9/3.0) but high 2-year (3.8-3.9)? If your 2-year satisfies the cutoffs do they not even look at your cumulative history? I guess I am wondering how much your holistic academic history matters or if they just need 2 years of solid grades. 



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I am wondering what the requirements are to have your last 2 years considered, rather than your cumulative GPA? I know that the website says 3 courses a semester is considered "full time" even though it's not a full course load, so if you only took 3 courses a semester for your last 2 years would they take that GPA rather than cumulative GPA?
Sorry... I'm sure this has been answered elsewhere but couldn't find a definitive answer!

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On 6/3/2019 at 1:50 PM, APP2019 said:

I also think that they calculate both 2 yr and cumulative for every applicant, but I'm not sure how they decide which to use for a given application.

To clarify, they take the higher of the two calculated GPAs. The lower GPA is dropped and won't negatively affect your application.

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what if , i did 2 years of a biomedical degree, got accepted to pharma school, got kicked out after 2 years and return to finish my biomedical degree. I'll graduate this year. 

how my gpa will be calculated ? 

 Gpa in pharma school (2 years ; gpa 3/4 and biomedical 3 years gpa ; 3.9 /4 )


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