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Casper on Minerva checklist


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Hi Everyone, 

Finally the application cycle is closed and we can breath a little until interviews :P However, I am wondering, does anyone else have their casper on their Minerva checklist as "Not received/not processed" yet? I did mine on the 25th of October in French. So if anyone else also did it the same date, could you please tell me if you see the same thing?

Thank you and good luck to all of you! :) 

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You can check the status from the Casper website under "Reservations". I did a Casper test on the 22nd and 25th and both are still "Completed - Results pending" which means they're probably corrected but haven't been sent out yet. Universities should get them soon but as long as they were completed before the last available test date there's nothing to worry about!

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