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Anglophones at McGill Residency Programs

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2 hours ago, offmychestplease said:

there are many people working/living in Montreal who don't speak French.

As someone who lived there most of my life, I can say that at least half of the patient population will be French-speaking. Therefore, what I said still stands, especially for a potential resident. Sure you can learn, but going in with basic functioning will do wonders. 

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I'd suggest checking the program descriptions individually.  Some programs have put in pre-reqs for basic competency in French due to past issues, apparently.  Even if there aren't formal requirements, I think knowledge of French would be important when communicating with patients extensively as most Montrealers, like most Quebecers, are native French-speakers.  

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Definitely program dependent.

But as a 100% anglophone who has lived in Montreal (undergrad, not med) - I would seriously seriously consider the potential language issues if you don't have at least functional French.  It's really hard to fully integrate and I can't imagine trying to adjust to residency and all of those stresses while also having a big chunk of patients who expect to speak a language you don't speak or have minimal functionality in.

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