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Accepted off waitlist!!! VFMP first choice OOP I will update with stats when I have processed!!!

I got an offer to my first choice off the waitlist today. Mature OOP VFMP. The only school that gave me an interview among 7 and the only offer I got.   Really feel for those who are waiting. J

Hi Everyone! I just declined my OOP offer for NMP as I will be staying closer to home to attend U of Manitoba. I hope the spot goes to one of you!! Best of luck to everyone who is waiting!!

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Also on Waitlist and 9:10:39

I wonder if it has something to do with application submission time. I speculate there is a master list of all applicants ordered by their submission date/time? uOttawa is very transparent with their applicants on waitlist (good waitlist, normal, ....) and their communications seem to be based on waitlist rank. 



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On 6/9/2021 at 6:27 AM, Sunmon said:

Congrats my friend. can you please share your stats and also what was your seconds timestamp on the waitlist?... just trying to make some sense.. there might not be based on the seconds but still wanting to know if you don't mind. 

Thank you! My time stamp is 33 seconds :) I'll update my stats on the accepted thread sometime this week!

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36 minutes ago, Snake said:

Has anyone heard of any IP students getting off WL yet?

It is actually really sad at how little people are contributing to this forum. It seems like the number of active people on here decreases every year. The worst part is that I can grantee you that people are constantly just viewing others post trying to gain information while not wanting to contribute at all. I don't really understand this. Why not contribute to this forum even though you use it? Why not create a community where premeds can go to get a clear idea of how the admission process works because lord knows adcoms don't want to tell us sh*t? Why not provide support to people that are going through the same thing as you because I know every premed struggles? IDK whether this feeds into the gunner style mentality of premeds of not wanting to help others but I would like to strongly encourage people to please start posting. It really does help. Its better for everyone.

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4 hours ago, Snake said:

Has anyone heard of any IP students getting off WL yet?

I know someone who got an offer on the 9th. Funny thing is they'd told me they hadn't applied this cycle but then I learn they've gotten an offer.

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Hey fellow waitlisters! I want to share great news!! I finally accepted the reality that I may not get accepted this cycle.   I have started to accept and appreciate the many exciting opportunities that are right in front of me. I've been in school for the past 20 years, it's pretty much all I have known. For the first time in a long time, I am excited to see what the world looks like beyond school. These realizations and self-reflection have allowed me to come to the decision that I will not be attending UBC Med this fall. 

For those interested, my goals are

1) become filthy rich ;)

2) help friends, family, and engage in philanthropy 

3) live happily ever after :lol: 


Be kind to one another and equally as important, be kind to yourself! To stay true to my name, I will leave premed101 and remain 4everwaitlist. 




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