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Interviews Out!!

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My first invite!! I'm so excited!!!! (Email was stamped 2:48 pm)


As requested, stats: MCAT - 11 (PS) 11 (VR) 13 (BS) S (WS). 3.78 GPA for my most recent undergrad... but it's nice to see they didn't factor in my first two years of university, before I switched programs... I had a 3.15 for those first two years :P


Congrats, all! Look forward to seeing you there!

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That's insane.


The worst part is, I am a graduate student, so if I had made the MCAT cutoff but missed the GPA I would have my package at least reviewed (lots of good life/EC experiences so I think that would be favourable), BUT for some reason the graduate review ONLY applies to those who missed the GPA cutoff but not MCAT..... wanting to cry :(

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