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2019 Interview Invites

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1 hour ago, Anaik said:

Impatient! I just wish they’d tell us if we made the Casper cutoff or not haha.

Historically, Adcom only emailed the people who didn’t make the CASPer cutoff. So hopefully not hearing about CASPer is a good thing and you receive an invite email later this week! :) Best of luck to everyone!

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6 hours ago, spotsanddots said:

Last year, invites were sent around the 18th? Years past it was the 26th

Last year interviews came out on Oct. 18. In previous years it has been the third week of October, but it will definitely happen before the end of October. Sometimes the adcom is a little late with things -- like this past year for the offers in March, it came out later in the month than in previous years. I know it's so hard waiting! Hang in there, guys!

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15 hours ago, avocado_toast said:

Just a heads up, there is apparently a wind storm in Nova Scotia and the power is out and according to twitter Dalhousie University was closed this afternoon. There may be a delay with the invites.

Can confirm yesterday was a disaster at Dal between two power losses and a fire alarm going off forcing the building to evacuate

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