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Toronto Notes Anki Deck

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24 minutes ago, medmedmed132 said:

Interesting idea... A Canadian based Anki deck for different specialties? I like it. We might be stuck with copyright issues if we use the Toronto Notes

I think it's a very cool idea! I mean would we? it's just formulating and answering questions :)

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There is a Anki deck in the med school anki lounge subreddit that covers all the Canadian Qbanks and practice exams. I know it isn't covering Toronto notes but just incase people are interested in that here is the link~ https://www.**DELETED**.com/r/medicalschoolanki/comments/jp5g7l/canki_a_new_anki_deck_based_on_canada_q_bank_and/


Ps~All for a Toronto Notes deck as well!  


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2nd year here headed to clerkship. I have decided to try and turn toronto notes into Anki over my summer break. I find anki the only way I can study and want to try and get a deck for all of toronto notes before my clerkship starts. 


If youre interested in helping me with this challenge feel free to PM me. It be great to have multiple people to split up specialities



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22 hours ago, dooogs said:

I would be interested in participating but I actually do not know how to use ANKI... besides importing and flashcard (?) function. DM me if you can offer a quick training session.. :P

Sounds Good! Can send you the videos I used to learn anki.  Making the cards should be easy they would be basic cards, just copy and past information and use the Cloze function.  

I'll send you a message. 

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